About Tracking Ads With Creative Link Design

Some advantages of link design using redirects are to:

– get around requirements that prevent posting affiliate links to your site

– shield your affiliate links from information retrieval systems

– make the link appear more attractive and not look like an affiliate link

– easily change what merchant or offer is associated with the link

A popular word for link design is cloaking, but like everything else with multiple meanings, there is also some confusion and stigma that can distract from the purpose of creative link design.

The word “cloaking” in this article is used to describe different ways a link can be shown to a visitor and how tracking your links is good for business. Link management is essential to internet business building. Cloaking and tracking are key link management tools. If you are going to take the time to build links, you might as well design your links and track them as well because it is not that much more effort.

The simplest form of link design is called redirection. For example, if you have organized your site to manage more than one product then you will have a different subdirectory for each product, service or activity.

Affiliate links present different problems like having your link code removed, altered or appear with a lot of numbers and hash marks that are very long and ugly. Using a redirect can give you options for creative link design.

There are a number of different redirects you can use but if tracking is going to be included then you will need to use software that can gather the data needed to make an informed decision. You can either hire a remote service or install a script locally on your server to design and track your links. However, among the many services and scripts available, the feature-benefit-cost significantly differ –   buyer beware!

Services range from free to monthly payments with tracking and reports being the up-sell feature. The biggest downside of remote service is that if you choose to change service providers, or if they close down, all the links you built will be deleted leaving you with a reconstruction headache or even worse broken links.

The benefit of installing a script on your own server includes a one time software purchase and you control the admin panel. The downside of running your own script is that you must have enough technical knowledge to install and update the software as well as manage things like backups and restores to protect against failure.

Opt a Web Design Company

Your first step will be to figure out as to how you go about getting a website of your own whether you would want a domain name with.com,.net,.inc, etc

How do you choose the right web developer and designer? Your huge list of choice includes freelancers, free online templates and consultants from agencies. However, the most important thing here will be to have a preset mind about your company’s goals and business objectives.

Your first step towards determining your company’s mission and vision includes formulating the goals in particular describing:

  • Who will be your customer?
  • How will your customers be aware of your website’s existence?
  • What will be your customer’s role once he is on your website?
  • What steps would be involved when the site is updated?
  • What is your deadline?
  • What type of ROI (Return on Investment) are you expecting from this website?
  • How is the ROI measured?

Key points to be considered while searching for a web design company:

  • Do you find the match point or an agreement between your interests and the portfolio of the web design company? Do they display an assortment in your work environment ranging from conventional or humorous? What is the ease of access of the sites displayed in the company’s portfolio? Is there any outdated links, design problems or bugs to be fixed?
  • Is the web design company working along with a similar set of clients similar to you? Has the company in the past designed a site that had the similar range of functions and expectancy for any other client in the same industry similar to yours?

Now, once you narrow down our options to a list of web design companies that seem to match your requirement your next step would be to contact them to get clarity on few more details such as:

  • What sort of response did you receive for your query? Was there too much time involved? How long did the company take to respond back to your query? Was the company helpful? Did the web design company do a research about your company and its requirements? Ensure not to go by discussions followed by designs or long talks; rather try connecting as to how the company will ensure customer’s will locate your site or how will your website generate more leads?
  • What assurance do they provide with for their work and products? What sort of assistance is accessible? Is there a methodical test procedure in place? What are the conditions mentioned in the contract while signing up? Who is the final owner of the source code, IP (Intellectual Property) and designs?

Once you are through with your list of questions, you may narrow down your list further with the web design companies that match your requirement. Prepare a few proposals, review them carefully and verify references. Try reaching out to few of the company’s past and current clients and enquire about the following:

  • Was your objectives and goals met by the web design company?
  • Was there a follow-up from the web design company’s side even after the website went live or did the company just depart or did they offer maintenance of the website?
  • How happy or satisfied are you with the web design?
  • How is the functionality of the website?
  • What is the response received from your customers with respect to the functionality and design of the website?
  • Is the ROI (Return on Investment) met, as expected?

Do take more time to ask the correct questions in order to assure yourself that you are choosing the right web designing company. Ensure to conduct a thorough reference check before the sign-up. Always opt for a web design company that believes in exceeding your business requirements and in the end becomes your most trustworthy consultant.

Logo Designer

Graphic designer helps in creating design for all the marketing collaterals which includes product packaging, stationery, brochures, billboards, pamphlets and website design layout. During the course of design development, a graphic artist confers with clients to discuss concepts, prepare initial sketches of ideas and layout the brand identity, often using computer illustration software. Designers do their job well with help of researchers who study a target audience or with advertising specialists to effectively produce a brand identity that achieves brand recognition.

Employment Ratio as Graphic Designers:
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment of graphic designers was projected to increase 1{5321c1fc43267dd7ea0880d3184947d189a7b409651d713c9203fa70fa2e2f66} from 2014-2024, and these professionals accounted for approximately 262,000 jobs overall as of 2014. In May 2015, the BLS reported that graphic designers earned a median annual salary of $46,900.

A bachelor’s degree in graphic design is the essential education. These professionals may work with advertising and research departments to achieve the specific branding goals of a project. Designers need to have an eye for creative and attention-grabbing design. Sometime they need to work with the design agency for understanding of the image or brand that the logo needs to convey a secret message of the business alongside understanding of how various demographics respond to some of the most popular and iconic logos ever designed.

What is a Designer’s Responsibility?
Designers handover abundant (often complex) ideas in a simple, and frequently non-verbal package. The best logos design an immediate and intuitive impact on whoever watch it and logo designers are responsible for creating exactly same response. A logo designer should be familiar and comfortable with the software used to create it. Typically, this means a strong knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Coral Draw and other graphic /logo software. Along with this technical knowledge is a close attention to detail – far greater than in most other professions.

A graphic artist must how know of cultural, social and industry trends – and avoid them at all costs because logos usually need to be enduring, lasting far longer than whatever trends are popular at the time. Understanding of these trends will be for the most part important because logo designers also need to be visionary – at least to some extent. That’s because a client often won’t actually know exactly what they’re looking for. It is the duty of the logo designer to explain their vision to client and do in a way that helps the client to recognize the vision and be enthusiastic about it.

Logo Designing Field:
There is no doubt that there is charm in the field of designing & can be a challenging one, and it is certainly not for every Tom, Dick and Harry. Among the various directions that a graphic designer can take, logo design can be highly competitive and requires a great deal of original and creative thought, as well as confidence in one’s abilities. This means having a true passion, as well as the ability to learn throughout one’s career.

Chain Link Fences

  • Cost Effective: The biggest advantage of chain link fence design is that it is cost effective and reliable when it comes to security and maintenance. This design allows you to have gates too so, that saves you additional expense.
  • Customized Designs: What better than customizable wire meshes design with options of varied wire thickness and color variety too to suit your exterior décor too? So, depending on whether you run a preschool nursery, you can opt for a bright color and thick coated chain fence.
  • Quick Installation: Most commercial properties choose this fence design because they are really fast and easy to install, be it at whatever height and for how much ever big area. The interwoven wire or mesh wire is actually rolled and one just has to unroll it for installing it while fastening.
  • No Maintenance: Install chain link fence if you don’t want any maintenance issues apart from may be just pruning off the small creepers growing off the lawn on and off! You don’t need to worry about painting or cleaning it either. The best part of this fence type is that it is coated for dealing with oxidation reactions.
  • No Light Obstruction: Imagine having a secured fence and yet no requirement of putting extra lights around the property. By virtue of its design and material, the chain fence provides full visibility and no light obstruction.


Create a Link in HTML and Change Its Colour

Basically, there is one tag format in HTML to create links. Once you’ve learnt it you will know how to create links within the same page, links to another page as well as make pictures into links.

The HTML code for a link is very simple and looks like that:

<a href=”url”>Text</a>


– a – stands for anchor. <a> is a tag which defines a hyperlink;

– herf – stands for Hypertext Reference and is an attribute that specifies the destination of a link

– url – is the full address of the link

– Text – is the text that you want to appear on the page.

– /a – ends the entire link command

If you want to make a picture into a link, the code will be as follows:

<a href=”url”><img src=”picture.jpg”/></a>


– <img src – img is a tag for an image and src is an attribute which indicates its source;

– Picture.jpg – is the picture you want to appear as a link

Changing links colour

By default, there are specific colours used for links on websites:

– Blue and underlined – for an unvisited link

– Purple and underlined – for a visited link

– Red and underlined – for an active link

The default colours can be changed to match your website design. Links can be styled in CSS, which is used to define different elements on the web page, such us text colours, link colour, page background etc. Links can be styled differently depending on their state.

You can use CSS inline, like in HTML or include style sheet within HEAD tags, as shown below:


<STYLE type=text/css>

a:link {COLOR: red;} /*The color of the link*/

a:visited {COLOR: #800080;} /*The color of the visited link*/

a:hover {COLOR: green;} /*The color of the mouse over or ‘hover’ link*/

a:active {COLOUR: #800080;} /*The color of all the other text within the body of the page*/


Hire a Graphic Designer

To better explain and understand the benefits of hiring a graphic designer, we present to you a few points.

Gives your brand a much-needed boost

Who says that every business has to stand out to thrive? For instance, locksmith is a small community and it gains trade from being the only proponent of an important service. For businesses that have tough competition, however, high quality branding is second to none.

A brand is all about how your customers perceive you. It is made from customer facing element of your business – the policy of your customer service, how you tackle their queries, the tone of copywriting, the name of your company, and – above all – how your brand looks.

The logo of your company, the website layout and marketing materials, chosen colours and font, give the first impression to visitors of what your business and company is like. A professional graphic designer knows how to manipulate these elements to make sure your customers perceives you in a positive way. Remember, while a weak brand is instantly forgettable, a strong brand is hard to forget.

Prepares your business for future

A picture has the power to communicate message in a more effective and better way. Also, it explains the complex message much faster than a paragraph can ever. This, certainly, is going to be the most important tactic for business to catch the attention of audience in the near future.

It is a known fact that internet users are short on patience and switch from one page to the other within a few seconds. The best way to hold their attention span is by creating graphics that are attractive and captivating. One of the finest examples of image communication is the symbol based language of emoji. Also, the major search engine stresses the importance of improving image searches.

Solves issues and problems creatively

Modern businesses can never have several creative thinkers that actually is good because graphic designers have the ability to solve the problems in a creative way. This creative problem solving skill make them high in demand. Throughout a graphic designer course, students are bombarded with one problem after another and are motivated and encourages to experiment and find their own unique visual solutions.

Consequently, such a professional can extend help in many ways such as with your business decisions. The area might not be related to their expertise but they can show how to look at it from a different perspective altogether.

Making Web Design Picture

  • Keep the Design Attractive but Minimal:

Simplicity is the key. You need to deliver your message to the masses which includes the people from different demographics with different mindset and preferences. So, you need a design that fulfills the aesthetic and informative demands of the target audience.

Descriptive websites trouble the visitors as they face difficulty in finding their desired content. Today, people adore the sites with minimum, but all-important information. Everything from colors selection, to contrasts, fonts, data fill forms, call-to-action buttons and pop-up windows (better to avoid) should stay minimal for improved user experience.

Parallax design is still trending. But as far as SEO is concerned, businesses with customized templates and single-page layouts can magnet more traffic and potential leads.

eCommerce sites are now coming with personalized content management systems that offer remarkable support to the site users; be it admin, vendors, and buyers. It also results in better user experience which, in turn, helps the marketers with the search engine optimization process.

Don’t forget to add search bar at the prominent place on homepage even if it’s not your eCommerce site. Often, I get irritated when I need to search something on a website. this usually happens in case of websites offering services such as IT consulting firms. Search bars don’t involve much efforts in design and development but brings ease in the user’s life because he instantly gets the desired results for whatever he looks for on the website.

  • One-Page, Multi-Grids Template:

Running a small startup or want to promote your brick and mortar store online? Parallax web design is the solution. But, it’s not enough for even a medium-sized eCommerce business. In that case, you need to deliver outstanding user experience.

Minimal UX/UI design not only helps in delivering the flawless user experience but also act as a game booster for search engine optimization. Reason? It makes the web layout more logical and comprehensible with impressive visual quality. Moreover, every single website design element is readily determined by both the visitors and search engine crawlers.

As you tend to keep the navigation clear and easygoing, you can grab more people’s attention. It is an open fact that site visitors tend to leave it if they don’t find their desired information within a few seconds of their arrival. So, always place your business messages and essential products or services on the homepage.

Don’t overstuff the homepage. The website menu is the first thing most of the people check as they visit any website. Just like the navigational wheel in the ship, this menu directs the user to different pages with relevant information they are seeking for. Keep it prominent by placing it above the fold on main web page.

Always use additional buttons with short, clear call-to-action on them. For instance, if you want to direct the site visitor to another page for more information then ‘Read More’ or ‘Explore Here’ is the right button. The most generic and frequently used button is ‘Click Here’ that direct the users to the relevant page.

  • Give Substantial Value to Responsiveness:

eCommerce is all about digital business solutions. Your website design should also complement your digital needs out of which the most significant one is capturing the attention of mobile users. Here, website responsiveness takes a considerable lead on all other factors.

Search engine crawlers will not index your website if it is not responsive across all digital platforms – browsers and mobile devices.

Survival, in today’s fast-paced digital millennium’ is for the fastest. The quick loading of a website (2-3 seconds) means the user will instantly get the desired information. Hence, he tends to stay longer on your site that means your site’s bounce rate will not reach the alarming situation. Greater the bounce rate, the poor will be the site’s ranking in the search engines.

Responsive websites usually have decreased bounce rates – visitors are more likely to stay at your web pages for an extended period. Google’s mobile-first-index makes essential for the websites to speed up their loading span – like a flashback. Now, you will ask for the reasoning.

Increase Traffic and Page Rank

1 Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is only one way of getting the search engines to pick up that you are there. Something else that you must not neglect if you want your website to be noticed is obtaining links.

2 Your website is offering a service to your visitors – links provide them with other sites of interest which they may want to visit. Although the retail industry might say they want people to stay on their site, rather than going anywhere else, carefully chosen links may be able to get people even more interested in the product you are selling! You may have to think laterally!

In the eyes of a search engine there definitely seem to be good links and bad links. Good links will get you higher up the page rankings and onto the top of the listings, bad links at best will be ignored and at worst could actually could against you and your site be listed much lower.

– A good link is one from a site which has high relevance to yours, and which is has a good page rank.

– A bad link is one from an obvious link farm, and has no contextual links to your sites.